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Our main business activities
Our company operates with the whole list of the commodity types based on the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System. The customs operations do not stay still and are constantly improving, and so do we.
During the way of the cargo to its destination, we are monitoring the situation at the checkpoints, we adhere to the principle of flexible logistics, having the opportunity to redirect the goods to the customs office or checkpoint, where we will spend the minimum time, and, as a result, you will get your cargo quickly.
Before starting customs fees calculations, we attentively check out and choose the commodity HS codes. Our task is to reduce our client’s import and export operations costs. To fulfill this task we use the updated preliminary classification of goods, Russia foreign trade market participants turnover statistical analysis. It took years to collect these data and allows to save the money.
While handling customer’s cargo we find it acceptable to operate on the pledge basis, until our task is fulfilled, as well we use insurance from all types of risks. Post-payment is negotiable under mutually agreed conditions. We guarantee decrease of our commission proportionally to the increase of your shipments volume. We deliver the samples from supplier for our regular customers for free. When cooperating on a “turn key” basis we will provide full list of costs – our rates are transparent, no hidden charges.
We appreciate that you choose our company as a partner and are eager to offer the best level of services. Our principle is to work hard, talk less, share with our partners and clients – share our experience and, of course, positive attitude to life!

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Customs clearance
Use the client's contract Starting from USD 250
Use our contract Starting from USD 700